Sol Duc Salmon Cascades

I’ve been meaning to get in here and finish the stories about our vacation, but it is just not happening very fast. Football, baseball, cub scouts, and bible study seasons have all started in this house, and our spare time is filled with sitting in bleachers cheering on various boyfolk or rushing from place to place.

These pictures, though, are from the next place we went, after staying the night in Forks. We had a limited amount of time to get to Seattle for an appointment, but we checked out some more places in Olympic National Park along the way. We didn’t make it all the way to Sol Duc Falls, but we did drive all the way to the “springs” where the pool is. What we really enjoyed along this drive was this spot

This place is technically called the “Salmon Cascades”. In late summer, one would be able to see the salmon jumping upstream in their attempts to get back to their breeding grounds. It seems we missed all the good stuff this year. Next time we come this way, we have to go in August.

We did have fun having a snack and taking some pictures, though.