The gray catbird calls out, an auspicious sound,

Does he know the secrets of the forest?

Does the catbird know whose bike I found

Balanced up against a tree, no one around?

What about the blanket fort I found in the clearing?

Does he know if it’s a homeless camp, is that what I’m hearing?

The secrets of Ballenger Creek

Held in a tiny little meep

Two Women In A Stream

We meet here in this place

Shaped by time

Carved by pressure

Two women

Balanced on rocks

In a flowing stream

Once we were close

You and I

Kids of similar ages

Common interests

Differences appreciated

The current of our lives

Kept flowing

Into different stages

Our interests shifted

Differences augmented

Sometimes, though

When the tide is right

Our connection flows

And its like old times

And sometimes

The tide falls short

We find the rocks

And sit in the balance