A Mile Is A Long Way

A mile is a long way

When you’re hiking the AT in PA

When the bees are buzzing near your face

And you can’t keep up with your friends’ pace

When sweat is dripping into your eyes

And you have to walk faster or swat away flies

But the rocks, my God, they are everywhere

Watch where you step and beware

And it seems like you are always going uphill

And you didn’t consider just how that would make a flatlander feel

Now your clothes are wet and you might smell a bit ripe

And you are wondering if this trail is really worth the hype

You see all these lithe young backpackers go by

And you realize your youth is gone and you just might die

On this hill, but come on, you can do it

Just put one foot in front of the other

The only way out is through it

Finally, the hike is done and good, it’s time to eat

Get back to the cabin and rest your sore feet

And even though your body will be sore

And you aren’t really sure what you came here for

You’ll look back and remember this as a good time

Eight miles was a long way, with this out of shape body of mine

Pen Mar Park to Old Forge Picnic Area

May 20 2023

Wild Things

“Let the wild things stay wild”

She says, as she reigns me back in

Let them slink silently back into the forest

Let them jump, leap, hop back into the brush

Let them have some sanctuary

A place to escape from us

In Florida wetlands, a pair of sandhill cranes

Crossing a stream with their two offspring

Reminiscent of prehistoric creatures

Wildness on the wing

A pair of otters seen

Heads bobbing in the stream

Spotted, their eyes meet mine

Then slinky bodies retreat into the green

Later, two baby gators

Holding still in a swamp with mama nearby

Anhingas spread out their wings

A hole for a screech owl to hide

Where is the black panther,

The wild hog, the bobcat?

Are they watching us as we walk,

Oblivious to where they are at?

Spring in suburban Texas

A pair of white tailed deer

Step slowly out of the woods

Cross the creek then flee in fear

A flock of monk parakeets gather

While a pair of bald eagles fly by

Woodpeckers thump and owls hoot

And forest path is lit by firefly

“Let the wild things stay wild”

She says, as she sets me free

52 Hike Challenge Summary 2021

I have been working on completing my 2022 52 Hike Challenge, and compiling my list of hikes for the year, but I realize I should make a point of documenting them on here, too. Last year I ended up hiking 60 times. Here is the list of where I went and with who:
52 Hike Challenge 2021
1. 1/3/21 Camp Sienna Missouri City TX Jason and Sebastian
2. 1/4/21 Brindley Trail Sugar Land, TX Jason and Sebastian
3. 1/9/21 Brindley Trail Sugar Land, TX Jason and Sebastian
4. 1/23/21 Brazos Bend Needville TX 4 miles Jennifer
5. 1/31/21 Kickarillo Preserve Spring 6 miles Jennifer
6. 2/6/21 Lone Star Hiking Trail- Richards Loop 7 miles Jennifer
7. 2/20/21 George Bush Park Katy TX Jennifer + kids
8. 2/27/21 Creekside West Connector Spring TX Jennifer + kids
9. 3/6/21 Lone Star Hiking Trail- TH#3 to Kelly’s Pond 5 + miles Jennifer
10. 3/13/21 Seabrook Park Seabrook 4.8 miles HWHG
11. 3/15/21 Kickarillo Preserve Spring Sebastian
12. 3/17/21 Guadalupe River SP: Painted Bunting Trail 3 miles Kaleb, Jason
13. 3/20/21 Eastern Glades, Memorial Park Houston 2.71 miles Jennifer
14. 3/23/21 Shadow Creek Nature Trail Pearland Karina + kids
15. 3/28/21 Muleshoe Bend Rec Area, Spicewood TX Great Egret Loop 2 miles Jennifer + kids
16. 3/29/21 Shadow Creek Nature Trail Pearland 3.87 miles Robin from HWHG
17. 4/3/21 Resoft Park Alvin TX 2-3 miles Jason and Sebastian
18. 4/4/21 Armand Bayou Hike & Bike Jason
19. 4/5/21 Lost Creek Park Sugar Land, TX Jason
20. 4/7/21 Shadow Creek Nature Trail Pearland Stephanie from HWHG + kids
21. 4/8/21 Lost Creek Park Bang A Rang Trail Sugar Land, TX Kids
22. 4/10/21 Guadalupe River SP, Live Oak/Barred Owl Trail 2 miles Kids
23. 4/17/21 Lakeside Park, The Woodlands TX Jason
24. 4/18/21 100 Acre Woods, Spring TX 2.27 miles Jason
25. 4/25/21 Shadow Creek Nature Trail Pearland Veronica + Kids
26. 5/3/21 John Hargrove Environmental Center, Pearland 1.3 miles Jason and Sebastian
27. 5/8/21 Caddo Forest Trail Karnack TX Jason and Sebastian
28. 5/15/21 1776/Forest of Friendswood Trail 2.5 miles HWHG
29. 5/23/21 Lone Star Hiking Trail, Phelps Section 5 miles Misti
30. 5/30/21 Heceta Head Lighthouse/Amanda’s Trail/Knoll Trail, Oregon 2.25 miles solo
31. 5/31/21 Latourell Falls, Columbia River Gorge, Oregon 2.5 miles solo
32. 6/5/2021 Mercer Arboretum Spring 1.8 miles Jason and Sebastian
33. 6/8/21 Shadow Creek Nature Trail Pearland 3 miles Robin from HWHG
34. 6/12/21 Shadow Creek Nature Trail Pearland 4 miles HWHG
35. 6/15/21 Shadow Creek Nature Trail Pearland 3 miles HWHG
36. 6/25/21 Sumter National Forest, Modoc SC 2.25 miles Jason and kids
37. 7/3/21 Armand Bayou Hike & Bike 2 miles HWHG
38. 7/10/21 Lost Creek Park Sugar Land, TX 3.5 miles HWHG
39. 7/17/21 El Franco Lee Park Houston TX 2 miles HWHG
40. 7/24/21 John Hargrove Environmental Center, Pearland 2 miles HWHG
41. 8/27/21 Shadow Creek Nature Trail Pearland 1.5 miles Gracie the dog
42. 9/19/21 Caloosahatchee Creek Preserve, Ft Myers FL 1 mile solo
43. 10/2/21 Enchanted Rock Summit Trail Fredericksburg TX Jason
44. 10/2/21 Enchanted Rock Loop Trail Fredericksburg TX 6 miles Jason
45. 10/9/21 Stephen F Austin SP San Felipe TX 1.56 miles Stacey from HWHG
46. 10/16/21 Cypress Creek MTB Trails 2.8 miles Jennifer
47. 10/23/21 Fort Boggy SP Loop Trail Leona TX 2.3 miles Jason and Sebastian
48. 10/23/21 Fort Boggy SP Lake Trail Leona TX 1.3 miles Jason and Sebastian
49. 10/30/21 Cullinan Park Sugar Land, TX 3.43 miles HWHG
50. 10/31/21 Sugarland MTB Trails Sugar Land, TX 4.8 miles HWHG
51. 11/8/21 Lake Houston Wilderness Park New Caney TX 3 miles Bonnie from HWHG
52. 11/9/21 Lake Houston Wilderness Park New Caney TX 10 miles Bonnie from HWHG
53. 11/13/21 Huntsville State Park Huntsville TX BONUS HIKE 4 miles HWHG
20 with my family, 16 with Houston Women’ss Hiking Group, 9 with Jennifer +/- kids, 4 solo and 3 with local friends