Travelogues: Montana, GCNKHO – Custer’s Back Roads

Back to the story of past travels:

Last year in June (’10), we were making our “maiden voyage” together, driving 5000 miles across America.  I have told the story in past entries of making our way across Texas, spending the night in Palo Duro State Park, checking out the Cadillac Ranch, driving through New Mexico and into Colorado, some of the our favorite caches in Colorado.  After spending a night in Colorado Springs, Rocky Mountain National Park, and then Fort Collins, we were finally able to make our way into Montana. Pics of RMNP forthcoming….

Ah, but first we had to get through Wyoming.  Why, oming?  Why you so boring?  It was a long day of travel before we got near the former Indian lands near and north of Custer’s Last Stand.  We actually STOPPED by the scene of this famous battle, and it was mildly interesting, but our favorite stop was by the cache whose title is that of this entry.

We were not far from the highway, but it felt like we were in the middle of nowhere, and the last people on earth.  As I opened the truck door to find the geocache, I spooked some antelope, which bounded off into the distance.  It was so peaceful here, and no sound except us.  It is a place in my mind I will go to time and again, a little memory treasure.