Atlanta Area: Emerald Green Urban Wilderness

I am pleased to report the American Wilderness is alive and well in Atlanta, Georgia.

I took my second trip of the year out to this area and spent a lot of time hiking in neighborhood parks close to the North Druid Hills area.  Next time I go, and if you go, I recommend checking out the Hahn Woods area.  I didn’t get a chance to actually go into it, but I drove past it and it looks like it has all the elements of a Muir-like retreat.

Where I did go:

DeepDene Park

Upper Bridge
Creek Crossing near the Lower Bridge
This tree seemed huge to me

Fernbank Museum Hiking Trail

Mari and her oldest son

Lullwater Park

Trail to the Cache I was seeking

I took most of the pictures on my trip during a behind-the-scenes zoo tour my friend arranged for us.  It might be beyond the scope of this blog, so I am deciding what to do with them.  More information later as I find the time…