Hurricane Ridge

Hurricane Ridge might have been one of my most favorite places I have ever been – if we had been able to see it. Darn clouds!
The drive up to Hurricane Ridge, a viewpoint in Olympic National Park, is not one for the weak of heart, or those with heart conditions, or with a fear of heights. It reminded me a bit of the drive up Pikes Peak – slow going, with little room for error. Or a lot of room, depending on how you saw it. Few guardrails, and a steep drop down the mountain below for a quick jerk of the steering wheel.
It’s 17 miles down the road from Port Angeles to this viewpoint. One could stay in the Heart O’ The Hills campground about 12 miles north of the viewpoint along the road. I think if I ever make it back there, I will do that, and spend at least a night, and go hiking.
This day, we were on a mission to get to Seattle by 3 pm, and we were getting slowed down by our diversions and desires. We just had time to check out the visitors center and get a few pictures before heading back to the highway.