Pundt Park: What I Love About Forests

Therwpid-img_20140510_113206.jpge’s a certain way the light falls in a forest that just makes my heart tremble with excitement.  It’s a spill of sunlight across a swath of leaves gathered at the edge of a fallen tree, or the emerald green of moss creeping up a tree base.  It’s rounding a bend in a trail and seeing a path, bright and warm with sun.  It’s the mix of shadows and light playing across pine needles and forest debris.

Pundt Park offered all this and more last Saturday.  This 380 acre park in Spring is part of the Spring Creek Greenway system, and offers a large system of multi-use and dedicated trails.    That means equestrians, bikers, hikers and geocachers are all out there together on some trails, but not on all of them.  Some of the trails go all the way to Jesse Jones Park from here. There are two pavilions and a playground, and plenty of forest to explore.wpid-img_20140511_110855.jpg

If you like Jesse Jones Park, you’ll like Pundt Park.  The terrain is very similar.  We want to go to Jesse Jones again next, but I want to come back to Pundt and explore.  I spent most of my time talking to others in our group and playing trivia, and only spent about an hour out on the trail. What I saw was just a tease; a tease of what looks like a really great forest.

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