Wild Things

“Let the wild things stay wild”

She says, as she reigns me back in

Let them slink silently back into the forest

Let them jump, leap, hop back into the brush

Let them have some sanctuary

A place to escape from us

In Florida wetlands, a pair of sandhill cranes

Crossing a stream with their two offspring

Reminiscent of prehistoric creatures

Wildness on the wing

A pair of otters seen

Heads bobbing in the stream

Spotted, their eyes meet mine

Then slinky bodies retreat into the green

Later, two baby gators

Holding still in a swamp with mama nearby

Anhingas spread out their wings

A hole for a screech owl to hide

Where is the black panther,

The wild hog, the bobcat?

Are they watching us as we walk,

Oblivious to where they are at?

Spring in suburban Texas

A pair of white tailed deer

Step slowly out of the woods

Cross the creek then flee in fear

A flock of monk parakeets gather

While a pair of bald eagles fly by

Woodpeckers thump and owls hoot

And forest path is lit by firefly

“Let the wild things stay wild”

She says, as she sets me free