Bridal Veil Falls

When we left Sandy the morning after finding those old caches, our first mission was to head for some scenic waterfalls along I-84 heading east, with the intent to double back around at some point and head west towards the coast.

The first of the waterfalls, and accompanying caches, we were after was Bridal Veil Falls.  The approach to this one got us into a huge argument that will probably live in infamy in our relationship.

Our first road trip together, there were no fights.  We were still in the Love Bubble I guess, and now we have gotten to the point where we can really drive each other crazy.  In this case, there was an argument over where to park, which direction we needed to start heading down the trail on, and what was the appropriate solution to some freaking out the GPS was doing.  In the end, we did it Jason’s way, and he turned out to be right.  Likely, he will tell you he is always right.

I almost didn’t even want to walk down the trail with him.  In the end, though, the beauty of the waterfall and the flora surrounding it was therapeutic, and I was in a much better mood coming back up the trail back to parking.  Especially after we found the cache (and turns out he was right about where it was hidden, too).  Here are some photos.  Cache is GC1A224, Bridal Veil Silver.



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