CRNT #5: Wonders of Nature

wpid-img_20140501_172811.jpgWell, I’ve been back to my favorite spot; by hike and by bike, alone and with family, not with the dogs since the last time I wrote about it but maybe sometime this week.

These are some of the things we’ve seen along the way.  Above, a Loggerhead Shrike looks over his kingdom.  wpid-img_20140501_172942.jpgCottontails show very little fear of humans as they hop around foraging for food.  I’ve seen about a dozen this week, around trees and along the culverts, sitting right along the trail next to fences.

wpid-img_20140501_174443.jpgA pair of Mallards floating side by side on the edge of this pond area.  They were not a breeding pair – actually were two males, interestingly enough.  Haven’t seen mallards all year, then I see them out of town and get all excited, only to come home and find some in my “big backyard”.

Along my walks and rides out in this area, I have contemplated how much this area has changed.  We were out here in September of 2010, before we moved in together.  We had borrowed my parent’s canoe for a paddling event, and took it out to the water here to make a find on the island in the middle of the lake.  At the time, there was nothing out here.  I was having trouble even placing where we parked and entered the water.  I thought it was at a school, but I am guessing now it was actually the Lakehouse, a neighborhood clubhouse nearby where my son is taking art lessons now.

It is funny how things change.  It makes me think about how everything changes like this; if you look back on your first impressions of something, and then compare it to what you know now, you can feel that sense of change.  Like the progression of a relationship with a person, my relationship with this place has changed over time.  I am so much happier with it now than when I first “met” it.  

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