A Mile Is A Long Way

A mile is a long way

When you’re hiking the AT in PA

When the bees are buzzing near your face

And you can’t keep up with your friends’ pace

When sweat is dripping into your eyes

And you have to walk faster or swat away flies

But the rocks, my God, they are everywhere

Watch where you step and beware

And it seems like you are always going uphill

And you didn’t consider just how that would make a flatlander feel

Now your clothes are wet and you might smell a bit ripe

And you are wondering if this trail is really worth the hype

You see all these lithe young backpackers go by

And you realize your youth is gone and you just might die

On this hill, but come on, you can do it

Just put one foot in front of the other

The only way out is through it

Finally, the hike is done and good, it’s time to eat

Get back to the cabin and rest your sore feet

And even though your body will be sore

And you aren’t really sure what you came here for

You’ll look back and remember this as a good time

Eight miles was a long way, with this out of shape body of mine

Pen Mar Park to Old Forge Picnic Area

May 20 2023

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