Seattle Scenes

(still sharing stories and pictures from this summer’s vacation – with sports winding down for the kids though, we are starting to collect some new nature stories for the fall)

This day, after leaving Forks early in the morning, then driving to various points within Olympic National Park, then hurrying along to catch the ferry, and then the tour of Groundspeak – we were kind of overwhelmed and exhausted by the time we got to Pike Market.  We tried to make a go of it, though.  We bought some fresh vegetables for the next week (we were eating off this salad we put together that day for a few days after this) and some supplies for meals the next couple of days at a cabin.  We checked out the original Starbucks location but did not want to brave the crowd.  We checked out some of the stores on the inside of the market, as well as some stands along the outside. We were too cheap and too tired to really get into shopping, though, and we left before our parking meter expired. Onwards to Mt Rainier from here.